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Jessica Brun Birth

"For the birth of our second child we had the joy of having Stacie attend as our primary midwife. I had a very long labor and delivery with my first and was definitely anxious about round two. Stacie remained so encouraging and positive my entire pregnancy and gave me so much confidence that no matter how it happened, i could do it again. I ended up having a much faster labor this time. But that aside, my overall care with Stacie was truly phenomenal. My appointments were never rushed, all of my questions were always welcome and thoroughly answered. I knew with complete confidence the health and well being of my baby were always checked completely and When i had moments of needing extra care or reassurance between visits, Stacie was always willing and i never felt like a burden.

Jessica Brun BirthDuring labor, Stacie was my rock. With my first baby i only wanted my husband during contractions and with this labor I really needed him but also looked to Stacie with each one. Somehow she managed to ready the supplies, monitor all the vitals and yet gave me all her focus during those intense waves. When I felt concerned about babies heart rate, Stacie was the picture of calm and professional. She knew we were both okay and also didn’t blow off the concern. She helped me move my position, continued monitoring us both and all was well again quickly. Her ability to touch and comfort when needed and also stay hands off and let me work when needed was the perfect balance. My large baby was born peacefully in our bed and Stacie seamlessly handled the delivery and care of placenta and postpartum bleeding while we soaked up all his newborn goodness.

Jessica Brun BirthNothing was rushed after delivery, I was able to rest and hold my baby, initiate Breastfeeding on my time, assisted to the standing position and bathroom and then tucked back into bed while breakfast was made downstairs. Totally amazing! My postpartum care was also incredible, all our medical and emotional needs were met and exceeded. Our entire family was honestly sad at our last visit as Stacie had become such a positive part of our daily lives. I’m a Doula and Lactation counselor as well as a second time mom. I’m fairly well versed in providers in our local community and without hesitation we would absolutely ask Stacie to be our midwife again."

— Jessica Brun

Kara and Jeff Pruitt give birth to Melody

"Stacie was our Midwife for both of our children's births. We asked to be her clients with our first born because of her flexibly in schedule and appointment location(s), but what really stood out to us was Stacie's unique charisma.

After she took us on as clients, we found Stacie to be easy to connect with from the start and over time she demonstrated great integrity. Stacie is very passionate about her work which shows through her knowledge and dedication. My trust towards her was constant; if she did not know something or found out she gave us incorrect information, she'd tell us.

I am forever thankful for the emotional support Stacie gave to my family, especially me. She is truly gifted in this area. Stacie also practices minimal invasive theories and when she does agree to or finds it necessary to be hands on, she is exceptionally gentle and informative.

Stacie is authentic, spiritual, and easily one of the most sincere people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I believe it is this sincerity that allows her to work with a wide range of people. I know we picked the best Midwife for our family because she made every one of us feel comfortable within our sacred journeys. She is worth her weight in gold."

— Kara and Jeff Pruitt

"My birth was amazing! Hands down one of my greatest life experiences. There were no drugs, no interventions simply me and my son working as a team. I'm not your stereotypical meditation person. It is really hard for me to quiet my brain and focus on a day to day basis let alone one of the most intense moments in life. Calm birth allowed me connect with my body and my baby. My husband will tell you that during my labor is the quietest I've ever been. Before the birth I used the meditation at night to relax, focus, and connect with my baby. When my contractions started it was second nature to fall back on what Calm Birth taught me. Stacie and Pauli give you an amazing tool, Calm Birth, but it only works if you practice. My husband and I incorporated Calm Birth to what worked best for us and let ourselves be open. Make no mistake my labor was hard work but using Calm Birth helped my husband to be an outstanding pillar of support, allowed me to flow with the rhythm of labor and in the end welcome our beautiful boy."
— Lindsey B.

"Stacie has been with us through all three of our births, and we are so grateful! Each birth has been totally different,and through each we were tremendously grateful for Stacie's compassionate, gentle, knowledgeable and thorough care.

One thing that was important to us in a midwife is one who would advise, guide and assist, but let us be the decision makers in our care. Stacie was that every step of the way. We are so grateful to have met her and to have been able to receive her wonderful care."
— Misha & Kyle S.

"Stacie has been at all three of my granddaughers' births. She is compassionate, professional, and sensitive to the needs of everyone around. I highly recommend her midwifery services."
— Debbie Roell

"As a doula, I was able to attend births before I got pregnant and have the experience myself, I immediately recognized the kind of midwife I wanted to have for my home water birth in Stacie. She was very helpful, so supportive, caring, knowledgeable, kind and a generous spirit for all of my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I can't wait to get pregnant again so I can see Stacie and have the same wonderful experience! I would highly recommend her!"
— Gretchen Ericson

Alexander Family"Stacie was our midwife for our first daughter and when we found about the second pregnancy there was no doubt that she would be our midwife again. If we have another, Stacie will be one of the first to know because we couldn't imagine a more caring, supportive midwife to help us bring a new life into the world."
— The Alexander Family

"Stacie stood steadfast by my side when my daughter decided that, despite being over 2 weeks past due, was still not coming out and we had to transfer to a hospital setting.  Stacie was my touchstone and her love and guidance eliminated the trauma of no longer being allowed (by Colorado law) to have my home birth.  Throughout my hospital experience, she never left me and every decision I made from the moment I walked in the doors was made with Stacie's eloquent advice.  Despite circumstances that could have left me feeling overwhelmed and broken, with Stacie's patient assistance I had a wonderfully low-stress, celebratory hospital birth.Thank you, Stacie!"
— Beth, Max and Baby Melissa

"Stacie encompasses everything you need in a midwife. She is knowledgeable with many educational materials on hand. She was always there to answer my questions and address my hopes and fears. Her warm, loving, maternal energy supported me through my first pregnancy and birth. She went above and beyond for us. Jericho is now 14 months and our relationship with Stacie continues to grow!"
— Jillian, Brian, and Jericho

Madhbh Family"Birth is one of the greatest experiences a woman and her family can have. When I had my son 10-1/2 years ago in a birth center, I knew that I wanted to have my next birth at home. When I did become pregnant again, I went through the process of collecting names and meeting several different midwives. At first I thought it was funny that Stacie would be meeting me at my home instead of in an office. In our society we are so conditioned to meet our medical providors in a place removed from the comforts of our personal habitats. But after meeting Stacie, I was impressed with her comfortable and easy going nature. Her non-invasive and gentle approach in care was comforting, making the experience of pregnancy feel more like a natural event in my life rather than a condition dealt with by constant monitoring and collection of technological data. Our prenatal appointments became more like visits with a dear friend. We became more than just midwife and pregnant woman, now, Stacie will be in my family's life for years to come. My birth was a great experience that I will always remember. Stacie was very supportive and nurturing, allowing me the space needed to labor as I felt I needed in the moment. She was quick to adapt to the changes and my needs as my labor progressed more rapidly than any of us expected. The only thing I would change, would be to have called Stacie sooner to keep me company in the prepatory labor. The care I received after birth was easing to the mind and body. I didn't have a partner to stay with me through the rest of the first night, so Stacie generously offered to stay the night until my other support people could arrive. There was never a feeling of urgency, the entire event was allowed to progress in all its naturalness, even in going past the due dat by eight days, Stacie was never pushy in getting me to induce the labor. Her demeanor helped me to hold on to some patience as well. I love Stacie and if I were to become pregnant again, I would absolutely, without a doubt, use her as my midwife again."
— Madhbh and Ota