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The services that I offer are:

Preconception Counseling

For people seeking information about fertility, a healthy pregnancy and natural childbirth. During this appointment, we discuss optimal nutrition, exercise and supplements as well the emotional aspects of creating a new baby.

Comprehensive Prenatal Care

For expectant clients, prenatal appointments give us time to discuss all your options. Partners, children and friends are welcome at each visit. Appointments are an hour or more depending on your needs. I perform a physical exam to monitor the health of you and your baby; and provide information on tests and procedures available. You will be able to confidently make fully informed choices.

Labor and Birth

Once labor begins, you will receive continuous support and monitoring. I will be your primary care provider assisted by a second midwife. We will offer suggestions on labor positions and techniques' that will help insure a smooth delivery. After performing a thorough newborn exam and assessing your well being; we clean up the mess and leave you snuggled with your newborn.

Water birth

Water is known to help women cope with the intensity of labor. You are welcome to use my inflatable tub at no cost, or purchase a tub of your own.

Postpartum Care

I provide attentive and high quality postpartum care, visiting you at home 3 times in the first week. We then see each other at the office during week 2, 4 and 6. Each visit includes a physical assessment of you and your baby, with time to discuss the varied emotions that can arise during this transformative experience. The postpartum period is a sacred time to rest, heal and nurture the bond with this baby. Please do not underestimate the importance of this part of the journey.

Newborn care

1-2 hours after the birth an extensive and detailed newborn exam will be done by your side. At each of your postpartum appointments, your baby will be weighed and have a full physical assessment to ensure good health and normal growth. We will discuss newborn care and development, as well as address any concerns that you have.The Newborn Metabolic Screen and Newborn Screening for CCHD's (Critical congenital heart Defects) are performed within24-48 hours after birth. The 2nd part of the Newborn Metabolic Screen is completed at 2 weeks postpartum.

Monitrice Services

This service is for the women who choose a hospital birth but would like to labor at home with the reassurance of having a Midwife at their side. A monitrice offers the emotional and physical support of a doula with the added benefits of clinical skills and experience. I will monitor your vital signs, listen to fetal heart tones and check cervical dilation. This service includes two prenatal visits, labor support in your home and at the hospital, breastfeeding support and a postpartum visit.

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC)

Having a home birth after a cesarean is legal in Colorado. Research shows that home VBAC's are a safe option when one on one care, and careful monitoring is provided by a qualified midwife. As a member of the International Cesarean Awareness Network, I fully support women in their right to VBAC at home.

Calm Birth Meditation Class

Calm birth is a series of classes that combine labor and birth education with a guided meditation practice. The purpose of childbirth meditation is to help people slow down, get in touch with the growing baby and their own changing bodies. This is an incredibly helpful way to enjoy the pregnancy, stay healthy and prepare for birth. Meditation has been proven to reduce high blood pressure, anxiety, head aches and insomnia which is especially valuable to the pregnant person and the "physical benefits of meditation are shared with baby through the mother’s bloodstream and placenta." (

Certified Lactation Counselor

I can help with many common breastfeeding issues or concerns.